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Firepit / Patio Lanai

Featured here is a Thermal-Finished, Bluestone Patio with a custom-crafted Firepit.  Additional detailings are integrated L.E.D. lighting fixtures, Natural Gas supply (Bar-B-Que), power outlets and Hand-Crafted bench seating built in!  The works are created in Connecticut Whiteline stone and Bluestone.  The Esplande; along Easton's Beach in Newport.



Poolside Retreat, Along the Sakonnet River

Bluestone Patio presented in Natural-Cleft bluestone.  These pieces are reclaimed from what is believed to be Colonial-Era sidewalks from Rhode Island's very own City-By-The-Sea (Newport, RI).



Custom-Cut Granite

Check out a resurfacing project!  Here is a Pool Patio featured in Blue Mist Granite and Finished with Bluestone appointments.  The granite material offers a finish that provides a texture more appropriate to poolside activity.  The pool's coping has been created with bull-nosed Bluestone, crafted on-site.  Rumstick Penninsula, in Barrington, Rhode Island.



...He said he wanted some space to cook, so, well..we gave it to him!  Pictured here is a Lion Grille mounted to our Hand-Crafted, Native-New England Fieldstone barbecue feature.  The structure has been created with solid masonry materials (not some box kit) and is enhanced with a Natural Gas supply, Electrical service, refrigerator,  a custom bluestone food-preparation area and 3 bluestone shelving compartments for condiments and whatever else your events may need! 



              and WE LISTENED! 

Build Better, Build with StoneCraft

What a cozy little spot!  When the owners purchased this home, they planned some fun upgrades to the exising yard.  What had been a backyard driveway became a great patio/gathering area for the family and friends of this Rhode Island couple! 


The project features a fieldstone retaining wall that encompasses two sides of the patio.  With the wall is a Full-Color, Natural-Cleft Bluestone patio with a square shaped firepit that has been capped with Bluestone. 

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