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...The Immovable Object

Clements Marketplace, Portsmouth. Our Stone Fascia is featured on the large, barn-like portion of the building, and North side. Each stone was hand-selected and installed individually.

StoneCraft is a licensed, Rhode Island-based stonemasonry business serving the Southern New England area for almost 3  decades.  


We serve both commercial and residential customers, and have works saturated throughout many communities in Rhode Island and parts adjacent. 


We Use Real Stone, Earthen-Made Over 14 Million Years Ago

Outdoor Living

Here are a few photos of a home-makover project on The Esplanade in Middletown, Rhode Island.  The project features retaining walls of stone with built-in USB ports and electrical outlets, steps, patios, foundation veneers and a gas firepit!  The works also have concealed LED lighting features that make nightlife amazing and practical!



The Esplanade at Easton's Beach

This is a modernization of our growing outdoor-living lifestyles!  No longer is a firepit or patio a thing to be found along an old cabin.  Most homes these days feature attractive outdoor gathering areas that also feature the modern tools of our day!  

... as for the workmanship, well...   We are a pretty big deal!

residential stonemasonry Here a Portsmouth family gathers around a recently built, outdoor stone fireplace built featured in "Colonial Grey" stone to match their new steps, walkway and house-foundation veneer.

StoneCraft specializes in stonemasonry and hand-crafted stone creations. 


Among our many offerings, we specialize in fireplaces, stonewalls, walkways, patios, stairs and steps, chimneys and other features built in stone... It is likely that we have completed project right in your own neighborhood!


Our services range from small-scale residential projects, to large-scale commercial projects in and around Rhode Island area, along with its neighboring communities.


Our Services




We are proud to offer complete stonemasonry and stone providing services to our customers!  Whether you are looking to have us install a small home project, or a large commercial endevour...

STONECRAFT is the people's choice in Southern New England!


We are not general contractors, instead we are a junto of precision-level craftsman, capable of providing the very best natural stonework.  We offer complete services from start to finish.  This includes, but not limited to, all facets of the project from initial site-preparations, footings, and groundwork; as well as finish-grading, material clean-outs and more! 


Below, are the many services we provide:


  • Complete Stonemasonry Services (new, old, historic renovation, repointing, veneer, stairs, steps, dry-laid and blind-mortar jointed stonewalls, fireplaces, chimneys, patios, walkways, foundations, cobblestone aprons, columns, pillars, arches and more!)


  • Provisional Sitework (site preparation, machine excavation, material delivery, installation, foundations, materials handling)


  • Materials (various natural building stone, bluestone flagging, granite flagging, slate flagging, and more)


  • Ornamental Stoneworks (featuring both handpick and airtool engraving, thermal finishing, rock-facing, hand-crafted pillasters, fireplace mantels and hearthstones, and more)


Traditional Fireplace in King's Grant

An Artistic Expression...

Free Design Services Included In All Of Our Projects...


StoneCraft has been in business for almost 3 decades, and we offer a wide variety of services to meet our customer's needs.  We  also have learned how to better please our customers as a result of the many years we have been in business!   With our qualified team of stonemasons and apprentices, you can count on expert advice and guidance on finding the custom, hand-crafted option that is best for your home and desires!


Hand-Crafted Stone, Selected From The Excavation of this Home's Foundation

...Now Entered in STONE


StoneCraft also offers professional and artistic designs for homeowners, FREE of charge.  Maybe you have a concept, but can't quite see it through?  Maybe you have goals to create, or repair a project at your home or business, but don't know how to achieve it?  Maybe you should just call! 


StoneCraft will design (at no charge) a purposeful, stylish, architecturally correct concept for your project.  StoneCraft will also work with your Architect, Landscape Architect, or Home Designer to help you reach your goals. 

You Spoke, and We Listened!


Contact us today - Our staff is looking forward to working with you!

Hand-Crafted, Native Stone

3-D Design​

StoneCraft can simulate your project through sketches or work with your sketches or architect renderings.



Follow Thru

We will follow the specifics of any design as depicted and carry out the project as planned, on time!




The architect doesn't always see it all... we can upgrade sketches to better serve your needs and add items as we go!



Final Steps

StoneCraft will follow through the entire design, creating your project on time and under budget! 



In accordance with local laws, StoneCraft will contact the proper channels to properly ensure that our digging process is safe.  "DIGSAFE" is the authority that we contact prior to any digging, at any level.  Free of charge, they facilitate communication with the proper utility companies to properly mark all public utility lines.  Such lines may include Cox Communications, National Grid, Town/City Utilites and more.  




StoneCraft specializes in the following work, built of natural stone:

  • Fireplaces / Chimneys
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Stonewalls 
  • Patios / Walkways
  • Cobblestone Borders & Trimming
  • Foundation & Veneers
  • Stairs & Steps
  • Garden Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sea Walls (special permitting required per project)
  • Driveways
  • Pillars / Columns / Posts
  • Corbeling & Cornice
  • Mailbox Posts
  • Entryways

StoneCraft will complete all aspects of your custom stonework project and we do not sub-contract our assignments.  From design and layout, site work, material selection and delivery, full construction and of course, clean up... 


StoneCraft will satisfy all the needs of your projects completion!


We offer free estimates, design ideas and can custom create  a variety of works to be done on most any budget!  Our fair market pricing will not only satisfy our customers needs, but you will often find us sweeping through the neighboring homes as result of our great works and pricing!


Call Us Today For Your

Free Estimate and Project Evaluation



You Spoke, and We Listened!

StoneCraft can create most any structure you desire, with hand-crafted, native stone... 


Stone is the only building material that lasts forever.  We do not use man-made stone.  Faux-stone, or Cultured stone are inferior products that do not last.  They are also imitations of the real thing;  Why not choose natural stone? 






Home Services

Main Office

Post Office Box 142

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 


Phone:  401 683 0900



Materials Yard 

Mount Hope Lands Office

Post Office Box 350

Barrington, Rhode Island


 Phone:  401 293 0029



Our Dedication To The Craft!

We take great pride in building beautiful works that last the ages.  Earthen-made stone is eternal and we work very hard to take the steps necessary to complete our projects in a such a way that they may also be eternal.  We now have works in the Rhode Island area that are over 28 years old!  We implore you to have a look at them and see for yourself!



The staff at StoneCraft would love to see them!  Truth is, we are in motion year-round and don't always get the best photos of our works after completion.  We encourage our clients to follow-up by sending us their photos of our works!


Searching for something in particular?  If you don't see it here, contact us and we can forward some photos or addresses of a similar project to see in person! 



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