The Fireplace Hearth & Chimney

Wood/Coal Stove Surrounds

Gas & Wood Burning Inserts

Traditional Wood-Burning

Its been said that nothing brings ambiance into a home than the way that a warm, glowing fire does.  It's true.


In this day and age, there are many options available to suit your lifestyle.  Whether you choose a traditional wood burning masonry fireplace,  a stove, or a gas fireplace insert you can still achieve the classic and timeless look with real stone!


Whether its a retrofit or new construction, call upon StoneCraft to build you a custom, classic, hand-crafted beauty that will last the ages!

Calculating the Code

After centuries of failed tricks and techniques resulting in poor draw, house and chimney fires and the like...  there are now strict and accurate codes that must be followed in order to build a fireplace.  The materials have greatly improved, as well as the science of structure's design and dimension.


Crafting the Firebox

...and so it begins.  Once the calculations have been discerned, the firebox begins.  Careful calculation is taken when determining overall chimney height and its relation to the firebox.  Refractory mortars and bricks are used to create the firebox.  Each and every step must conform to strict detail.



Setting the Damper

With the firebox nearing completion, the throat/firebox and damper components are chosen and installed.  Strict attention must be given to the details here, and left to a professional as there is no forgiveness at this point.  Check with a fire/chimney safety guild to ensure all details are accurate.



The Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber & shelf are integral parts to ensure the proper function of the fireplace and chimney.  Once the task is complete, the chimmney installation / flue tile installation can begin.  Often times, the finishing fascia is installed at the same time to coincide with the chimney work.



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