Romancing the Stone...

   Below are a few samples of our work.  Many of our projects are saturated throughout Aquidneck Island, Tiverton, Little Compton, Jamestown, Narragansett and the East Side of Providence.  As being in business for over two decades, the pictures we have to offer would fill our website beyond simple use.  Should you be interested in more images, contact us and our staff can offer you a construction photo sample of the type of work, or stone selection, that you are interested in.  Additionally, StoneCraft can provide lists of addresses for viewing at your leisure.

Some of our past commercial business clients include: 

  • The United States Naval Base, Newport
  • Carnegie Abbey, Portsmouth
  • Ruby Tuesday's, Middletown restaurant
  • Portside Tavern, Bristol
  • Thames Waterside Grill, Bristol
  • Humprhrey's Marvin Window Showroom, Middletown
  • Atlantic Beach Club, Middletown 
  • Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth
  • Aidan's Pub, Bristol
  • Quito's Restaurant, Bristol
  • Schultzy's Restaurant, Portsmouth
  • First Beach, Town of Middletown
  • The Glen, Town of Portsmouth
  • Bank Newport, Portsmouth
  • The Restaurant, Warren
  • Old Colony Oil, Portsmouth
  • The Great American Pub, Newport
  • The Sakonnet Fish Company, Portsmouth
  • Clements' Marketplace, Portsmouth
  • Wanumetonomy Country Club, Middletown

Handpicked, Native Stone

Native Stone!  Unless requested otherwise by our clients, we typically choose a type of real stone material that is from the area of the project we are building.  We provide you with higher-grade materials, that are less expensive and that do not require costly overage amounts necessary to select from onsite.   


Exceeding the Limits

Our cements and mortar materials exceed ASTM C150 / C150M specifications on most projects.  Stone may last forever, we would like to say the same for the aggregate materials used in many of our projects so we take great measures to ensure the reliability of our materials. 


Build Better, Build with StoneCraft!



Frictional Resistance

Unlike the many other stone structures set in a plate-like fashion, we utilize a style that allows a majority of the stones weight to be displaced in a static-set with other stones in their formation.  The style is what many visualize to be dry-set.  The pattern is classic, and consistent with many structures spanning the years.



Timeless Beauty

The signature, default-style commonly used by StoneCraft is timeless and thought to be a classic.  We forego the trends and styles that come and go in the building world, and focus our resolution on classic styles that stand the tests of time. 


Style and Beauty...



Additionally, some of our commercial and residential builders include:

  • Horan Building Company, Newport
  • Gallo Construction, Newport
  • Kinsella Building Company, Newport
  • Behan Brothers, Newport
  • Ventura Construction, Middletown
  • Caromile Construction, Bristol
  • New England Restoration, Seekonk
  • All Island Landscape, Portsmouth
  • Newport Home Design, Middletown
  • Smith Ltd, Westwood
  • Ruby Tuesdays, Middletown
  • Apple Construction, Portsmouth
  • People In The Woods, Portsmouth
  • Beneco-Picerne, Cranston
  • Danigan Builders, Hope Valley
  • Omira Project Development and Restoration, Westerly
  • Donovan Brothers Homes, Westerly
  • Oldport Homes, Bristol
  • Broomhead Builders, Barrington






Home Services

Main Office

Post Office Box 142

Portsmouth, Rhode Island 


Phone:  401 683 0900

Email:  StoneCraftRI@Gmail.com


Materials Yard 

Mount Hope Lands Office

Post Office Box 350

Barrington, Rhode Island


 Phone:  401 293 0029





Our Dedication To The Craft!

We take great pride in building beautiful works that last the ages.  Earthen-made stone is eternal and we work very hard to take the steps necessary to complete our projects in a such a way that they may also be eternal.  We now have works in the Rhode Island area that are over 28 years old!  We implore you to have a look at them and see for yourself!



The staff at StoneCraft would love to see them!  Truth is, we are in motion year-round and don't always get the best photos of our works after completion.  We encourage our clients to follow-up by sending us their photos of our works!


Searching for something in particular?  If you don't see it here, contact us and we can forward some photos or addresses of a similar project to see in person! 



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